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Advantages of using Spark AR over Traditional AR Apps

Advantages of using Spark AR over a traditional AR app

Augmented Reality (AR) gives us the ability to share information in a more visual way and create amazing interactive experiences. AR owns the potential to impact almost every industry including education, commerce, healthcare, travel and tourism, real estate and many more. Every company wants to make its mark with AR.
One place where AR is dominating is commerce. The biggest limitation of buying online is that we cannot try a product before buying it. Today with AR, consumers can try out everything, from makeup, sunglasses and hats, to visualizing what virtual appliances, refrigerators and furniture virtually before buying them.

Spark AR allows just that. Spark AR is a revolution in Augmented Reality. Instead of developing our own AR app and marketing the app. Spark AR allows us to create amazing interactive experiences and share it using Facebook or Instagram to promote our products or brand. This is much faster and reduces development & marketing cost immensely.
Anyone can create an effect using Spark AR. We don’t need to have technical knowledge or anything. Spark AR breaks the barrier between experts and beginners and gives complete freedom to bring any AR idea to life. One can create immersive experiences within a matter of hours using Spark AR and share it with anyone. This is the biggest strength of using Spark AR.
Spark AR hub’s insights help us to understand the performance of our AR effect across Facebook and Instagram. This is helpful to understand users and potential customers.

These are the major advantages of using Spark AR over a traditional AR app.

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