Our Technology Offerings

At Codeneuron, technology has no limit. The team thrives to work on any given technology. Our geeks have a strong belief that no matter what the technology is, all that is important is to have a strong foundation and good understanding of basics. Our culture and way of life is to believe, explore and deliver. This belief has made us offer a range of services.

Mobile Application Development


Native Applications

Native app development is one of our prime capabilities and we have successfully delivered a dozen mobile app for both Android and iOS. Our team is highly qualified and up to speed with the latest programming languages such as Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS. Our team is capable of pulling off highly appealing, robust and smooth mobile apps.

Mobile Web Applications

Hybrid and Mobile Web development is an added dimension to our capabilities. Our team is highly qualified and has delivered solutions for customers across the globe. Tech ensures that the layouts are never compromised on any given screen resolution.

Web Development & Cloud Solutions


Web Applications

Our team is a thorough professional when it comes to web application development. Over two dozens of responsive web applications have been built by our team involving complex layout and charts using Angular.js, Node.js, Vue.js, and Laravel.

Cloud Solutions

Robust REST API development is yet another capability through which we have built a strong backend system for our clients. Most of the APIs have been built, tuned and hosted on Azure / AWS platform. Experts we are!, when it comes to the understanding services offered by cloud giants such as Azure and AWS.

3D Applications


AR & VR Applications

Be it Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality, our 3D game engine experts have the skills to build some breathtaking applications. Our recent projects on AR and VR have stand out deliverables beating clients expectations by a mile.


Game development is driven by a small team and quite a few prototypes for PC, Web, XBox, and mobile has been built using engines such as Unreal and Unity3D.

Artificial Intelligence


Image Processing

Some interesting POCs have been built for our clients to process pictures that include human faces and generate 3D out of it. Our team is also working on some cool products to edit faces in videos using python, OpenCV, dlib, and Matlab.

Deep Learning Applications

Machine learning projects have picked up the pace when our team has used Tensor flow and built a few POCs for clients from the healthcare industry.

Internet of Things


Connected Devices

With a couple of core products being developed in-house for Healthcare and Home Industry. We are almost there to attract and pursue funding through our beta products. We have a strong technical research team with capabilities to build some purposeful IoT products.



User experience Design

Our visual design experts are always at the top of their creativity, working with a huge set of templates, exclusively built for our clients, carefully considering each and every aspect of Human Interface Guidelines. Prototypes are always provided to our clients using tools such as Justinmind and Marvel. This reduces expectations mismatch during delivery.

3D Contents


Content Creation

Our content creators are one of the best in the industry when it comes to creating ultra realistic 3D contents. We have built some eye catching contents for real estate industry and won client delight.