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LookUp - Text Neck prevention app

Look Up – A modern utility app to Prevent Text Neck

Look Up helps you maintain the correct body posture while using your mobile device.

Extreme head flexion angles created when texting may lead to pain. If developing neck pain is not concern enough, another problem with this is it may interfere with the ability to perform normal activities of daily living.Experts recommend holding the phone at eye level while using mobile devices.

How does Look Up works?

Upon activating the Look Up app it runs in the background. When the phone is tilted at a degree considered not advisable, a friendly reminder with Dr.Acacio takes over the screen and he alarms you about the potential danger. The way to resume the activity back is quite simple, hold the phone at a proper angle. The app is also password protected for child lock,just in case you have a tech-savvy child who might turn off the app. 

Why should you use Look Up?

On average people spend up to 3 hours a day on their mobile devices. And the number of hours is only going to rise.It’s important that you don’t injure your neck unconsciously while you are on your mobile devices.

Download the Beta 1.1 now, available for Android.

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